theBalm "Read My Lips" Lip Gloss in Pow! Review

December 12, 2014

I was strolling around Beauty Bar the other day to find a gift for a friend. As usual, I ended up grabbing something for myself. This time, I got myself theBalm's "Read My Lips" Lip Gloss. It's available in 11 shades, but I got myself "Pow!", a vibrant fuchsia shade. I'm actually not the type who likes wearing bold lip colors but then I figured, "why not?". 

I absolutely love how quirky theBalm's approach is when it comes to their packaging! If you're the type who likes Benefit Cosmetics, you'll enjoy theBalm products specially because they are much, much affordable. This particular lip gloss costs only P675.00. If I'm not mistaken, lip products from Benefit cost nothing near that range. 

On to the actual product, I am in awe at how pigmented this product is! It took me only two coats to get a full opaque color. Also, it doesn't feel heavy and sticky at all, which is a big thumbs up for me because I don't like my lips feeling all sloppy (who does anyways?). It's also infused with ginseng, which I figured helps in moisturising your lips. I've actually been suffering from dry lips the past few days. Initially, I thought the cracks would still appear after I apply the product, but theBalm lip gloss was actually successful in making my lips look fine and moisturised.

before applying

wearing Pow!

On to the longevity of the product, it actually left a stain on my lips which lasted for a good 6 hours. But like most lip products, I had to reapply it to maintain the whole bold and glossy look. Overall, I am loving this lip product, particularly this bright fuchsia shade. It's a great break from the usual nudes, something suiting to the vibrant holiday.

Trivia: I totally spelled "fuchsia" wrong the first time I typed it. Lol.

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Where to buy: Beauty Bar -
Price: P675.00


  1. Love it! ❤️ I was so close to getting this for you tho.�� thank God I didn't. Haha!
    Anyway, can't wait to read more of your blog! �� you will be my new go-to make-up guru! Hihi!

    1. Thank you Dan! :D ❤️ Couldn't have done it without your encouraging words. Ily!