College Graduation & Hong Kong Trip 2014

December 4, 2014

October was such an eventful month for me. For starters, one of the biggest leaps of my life happened this month. It involves togas, happy parents, speeches, and generic diplomas. Can you guess what I'm referring to? (As if my photo below is not a giveaway, lol.)

After 3 years and one term of hard work and unhealthy habits (wish I was kidding about this one), I am finally done with college! 

Rewinding a few days back, I would always pray at night that no tripping incident would happen. Too bad I almost tripped though. OKAY. Maybe I actually did, but only during the college recognition rites. I forced my self to wear sky-high heels because as an extremely petite girl wanting to look like an actual college graduate.. I needed the extra height.

James Lao Photography

I was never an achiever back in high school, and I could still clearly remember how disappointed I was about myself for being lazy, unfocused, lost (omg I'm so mean to my older self!!). But things change, people change, and I'm hella glad I did. :) Throwing my humility out of the window for a bit, I brought home several awards enough for my parents to throw a grad party. We celebrated it with all of my relatives at DADS Megamall. I totally love how my parents chose the motif to be green and white- my alma mater's signature color.


Of course I celebrated this special day with my friends as well. It was a last minute call but I'm glad most of them were able to go. 

No milestone is complete without a celebration!

Alright, on to the (more) fun part..

As part of capping off our college life, my friends and I went to Hong Kong for 6 days to unwind and celebrate. True enough, it was everything we could wish for! The hotel we booked online provided epic service. We stayed at Dorsett Mong Kok. They offered free shuttles, in-house money exchange services, and the people were very accommodating. PLUS, they lent us a mobile phone with cellular data/internet which we could bring with us anywhere. Isn't that the coolest thing everrr? It's also located near the Olympic MTR station, allowing us to roam around Hong Kong conveniently. 

I noticed that there were less tourists in Hong Kong during the days that we visited compared to my previous trip last December 2013. Maybe it's because of the rally happening in the area. To be honest though, we hardly felt any "chaos". The only "disturbance" we encountered were the longer routes we had to take when reaching certain destinations because some of the roads were closed. No biggie!

:: # h k t r i p p h o t o d u m p ::
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum / Disneyland / Universal / Macau / Lan Kwai Fong / Tim Ho Wan

* Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014 Photodump *
This came totally unexpected. I was unaware of the ongoing spooky motif happening at Ocean Park prior to stepping foot in the area, which added up to the excitement I felt when I saw pumpkins and costumed staff roaming around the area. Things got a little bit too overwhelming when the sun was gone, let's just say we were thankful we didn't go alone.

I am extremely thankful for moments like this one. This is actually the second time I went out of the country with my friends, and as always, it definitely one for the books. 

That's all for now!


  1. Congrats, Janine! I feel like a lot of hotels in Hong Kong now offer free smartphones which guests can use.. Yeah, must go to HK soon lol ♥

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz

    1. Thank you, Jia ❤️ Yes, the free phone made our stay in HK much convenient considering we had to commute from point A to B.