2015 Starbucks x Moleskine Weekly Planner (What's inside)

December 10, 2014

I'm the kind of girl who likes spontaneity yet appreciates an organised schedule, which explains why having a planner is something I consider mandatory. My memory is also picky on what things to remember, so I find planners that also function as a notebook really handy.

Just recently, my sister got me a red Starbucks x Moleskine Weekly planner! She bought it from a friend for Php 1,600.00, it's originally sold in Korea. It actually comes in two colors, but the black one was already sold out when she inquired. Just a brief background: I actually have a red 2014 Moleskine Weekly planner. It's very simple and straight to the point, just how I like my planner to be.

The limited edition Moleskine planner from Starbucks is very much similar to the classic Moleskine planner, which you can freely browse at any National Bookstore. One obvious difference is the cover page. Although it's made of the same sturdy leather used in my previous Moleskine planner, this version is actually embossed with the logo of Starbucks at the bottom part (as can be seen below):

the cover

Each month is also divided by colorful Korean inserts, which I clearly do not understand. But from the looks of it, I am guessing it represents the season/happening per month.

Korean inserts

Another major difference is that some pages are actually designed! It may not sound that big of a deal to some, but for someone who likes dainty prints, this particular feature actually got me all giddy!

left: weekly layout; right: lined page w/ designed borders

Another thing I noticed was that there were no tabbed pages inserted at the back part of the planner, which classic Moleskine planners usually have. To be fair though, the Starbucks x Moleskine planner has a lot of free pages where I could doodle/write!

free space

In a nutshell, I absolutely appreciate the collaboration between Starbucks and Moleskine to produce such classic-looking planner. I read Starbucks Korea made it in celebration of their 15th anniversary in the country. How I wish they made it available in the Philippines though!