Current scents!

September 10, 2014

A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. - Christian Dior
- - -
I believe wearing perfume is a great way to express one's self. I find it amusing how different notes can come together and create a unique personality of its own. 

Round-up of my dainty perfume collection:

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
My favourite! A definite beauty potion. Words cannot describe how in love I am with this scent! I first encountered this as a present years back. Initially, I wasn't head over heels for it because it smelled way too extravagant for my younger self, so I gave it to my mom. Thankfully, my dad got me a bottle for my birthday last May.
Now that I'm older, I go gaga whenever I spritz it all over my body. It has a strong, sophisticated floral scent. Trust me, you'll feel like Lilly Ghalichi whenever you use it! Another thing I love about it is its impressive longevity. Expect to smell "Chanelicious" throughout the whole day. Ha-ha-ha.

2. Jour d'Hermes
Another elegant scent! But unlike Mademoiselle, it's way too elegant for everyday use. I use this whenever I attend formal events, sometimes on days when I feel like lady-like. It has a sensual yet subtle floral scent with light powdery accents. Longevity is outstanding as well! I got this as a present from my cousin from Dubai last year. But it's already available in the Philippines, so hoorah!

3. Vera Wang Princess
The newest among the three. This one I actually bought myself. I've heard great reviews about it, mostly from younger girls. When I first saw it, it was love at first sight. My favourite part about it is definitely the bottle. It's sooo pretty. <3 Satisfied my girly standards. Ha-ha. It smells like chocolate cake mixed with vanilla. Let's just say it has a very, very youthful scent. Decent for daily use but longevity is not as good the two.
Warning: you'll smell like a tween cupcake if abused.

My perfume collection is not that big but it's going somewhere, I think. I'm looking forward to expanding it gradually though. Anyhoo, right now they're just lying on my vanity table. Any suggestions on how I could display them better would be much appreciated! Oh, and also, feel free to share your favourite scents down below! :) <3


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